3 Steps to worry-free software installations

1. Install Toolbar Blocker

step 1

2. Download and launch any software from Internet.

step 2

3. Don’t worry about toolbar offer screens - they will get automatically blocked

step 3

How it works

Very often when you download software or any files from the internet, you get the file wrapped with download managers. These programs offer you additional software to install which you have not requested before the download. Toolbar Blocker monitors silent installations of 3rd party products and builds a comprehensive database of all software that are installed without explict content (opt-in) from the user.

When you have Toolbar Blocker enabled it will prevent installation of the toolbars or other offers even if you forget to utick the checkbox. Every blocked program will show a notification in system tray. If you wish to unblock the program, you can do so with 1-click and future installation of this program will be allowed.

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